Process of Sufi Healing

The Process of Sufi Healing

The process of Sufi healing involves the assessment and treatment of the patient along the spiritual/physical energy continuum, as outlined in the steps below:


Sufi healers assess the condition of the patient through physical observation as well as through spiritual, and at times, physical connection. Reading the patient’s pulse is used to establish a physical connection. It is important for Sufi healers to establish a spiritual connection with the patient as well; this therapeutic bond is a two-way process between the healer and the patient. Connection helps the healer to understand energy imbalances coming from both physical and spiritual sources. Many Sufi healers have been gifted with the ability to connect with a patient on a metaphysical level by simply looking at a photograph of the afflicted person.


Diagnosis is made through interviewing the patient, muscle testing, which is body response independent of the consciousness of a person, physical aura dispersion, computerized CORE Alternative Healing Therapy tools, and other methods. Comments from the patients are taken into account to pinpoint the root cause of the ailment. Preexisting physical conditions that may or may not seem to be related to the issue at hand should be disclosed, as they may impede recovery. Observations of the whole person, from the spiritual being through his or her particular lifestyle, informs a complete diagnosis of the ailment and its causes.


On the physical level, Sufi healing treatments can range from herbal medicines to other “alternative” healing approaches, while spiritually the healer may address concerns through pronouncing selected verses from the Holy Qur’an over the patient. In addition, the healer may direct the patient to wear a talisman of geometric diagram called¬†ta’wiz. Both spiritual and physical remedies have their prescribed dosage.


The timeline for recovery depends on the condition of the patient before beginning the healing process. Certain ailments require more time to heal, and chronic cases, both spiritual and physical, may require several healing sessions. Special cases in which the patients have been affected with foreign entities require a longer time to heal and recover. The timing of the treatment and the willing participation of the patient are also factors in determining how speedy the recovery is.

Sufi healers can be seen as spiritual surgeons who have the knowledge to balance energies. Their gifts include the ability to nullify and remove negative energies, and to infuse positive energies. The ultimate goal of Sufi healing is for the patient to be restored to a normal healthy life.

Alternative Healing: The Sufi Way by Shaykh Taner Ansari


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