Concepts in Sufi Healing

Concepts in Sufi Healing

Sufi healing is in essence a spiritual practice that employs a combination of therapies which span the gamut of energy types, from the repetition of beneficial words to the drinking of a healthful soup. As energy takes on many forms from the unseen to the seen, so does the practice of Sufi healing. Because Sufis understand all energy forms to be both spiritual and material, Healing Masters Shaykh Taner and Shaykha Muzeyyen employ remedies and treatment methods accordingly.

Sufi healing is a multi-faceted approach that considers root causes of a physical and/or spiritual nature in order to achieve a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan. Some time-tested techniques and secrets developed and handed down through generations are used as and when needed. Sufi healing also involves the manipulation of energy affects and imbalances caused by both visible and unseen entities.

Spiritual medicine also utilizes suras (chapters) and ayats (verses) from the Holy Qur’an. Allah, the Most High, says that His Qur’an is a healing and mercy for those who believe. Allah’s words in the Holy Qur’an manifest a spiritual energy that heals minds, hearts and bodies. Specific suras and ayats are prescribed for different ailments, the knowledge of which rests with a gifted healer. The healer is authorized to channel into the afflicted patient the healing these words produce. In order to administer spiritual medicine, the practitioner must understand the mental, physical and spiritual root causes of the ailment. Therefore the healer operates at a high metaphysical level with the body, mind and consciousness of the patient. The healer connects spiritually to the patient’s body or organs, along with the source and spirit that aid these organs and their functions. Ultimately the healer intends to balance all the body organs and their functions throughout the process of healing.

And We send down the Qur’an with healing and mercy in it for believers
(The Holy Qur’an 17:82)

Another type of treatment that is infused with a spiritual character is the use of simple geometric diagrams called ta’wizTa’wiz are mediums of energy that are configured in the form of a diagram, and are specifically designed and formulated for particular ailments or conditions. These unique and various prescriptions combine “spiritual” and “material” remedies. Spiritual healing can also be effected remotely.

The practice of Sufi healing is based on using the most natural and least invasive methods to treat, alleviate and prevent illness. At times medicinal herbs or specific foods may be recommended. Treatments are administered with deference to ongoing “traditional” Western medical regimes that may be particular to a patient. Attention to diet, lifestyle and appropriate physical exercise are often key aspects of Sufi treatment programs. Sufi healers also encourage their patients to maintan physical cleanliness and a clean environment to help dispel intrusive and destructive negative energies.

Alternative Healing: The Sufi Way by Shaykh Taner Ansari


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