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Ansari Qadiri Rifai Tariqa Durban

AQRT Durban is an authorised South African subsidiary of AQRT International. Our spiritual activities include weekly Friday zikr; Sufi Learning Circle, which incorporates Qur'an study and Sufi philosophy and practices; Sufi nature walks and contemplation; ilahi practice, with drumming; and Sufi healing.

Our members get together regularly for family socials, and we actively participate in community outreach programs.

Spiritual Leader: Shaykh Nishaat +27 082 825 4256
Business Manager & Ansari Publications Manager: Zoraida +27 (82) 224 4230

Shaykh Taner with muridsShaykh Taner with murids
AYC at an Interfaith Scriptural DialogueAYC participating in an Interfaith Scriptural Dialogue in DurbanAYC participating in a sporting initiative for street kids

Ansari Youth Club KZN

AQRT Durban, along with AYC Gauteng, AYC Uitenhaig and AYC Mauritius, is committed to raising new generations of strong, service-oriented Sufis under our affiliated organisation Ansari Youth Club.

AYC KZN members participate in regular community activities such as fortnightly Interfaith Scriptural Dialogues, Book Club and community radio programs. AYC fosters youth development though leadership workshops and recreational activities such as the Kids Street Soccer event, Art in the Park and creative writing workshops. Little AYCers enjoy cooking lessons, arts and crafts sessions and games in the park.

AYC also serves the community through visits to homes for the elderly, work in community garderns and participation in World Oceans Day.

Durban Ansari Youth Group Chair: Thameez +27 83 286 9799

To see a beautiful compilation of photos, stories and information designed by our Ansari youth, please take a look at the AYC Yearbook 2011-2015 (pdf 19 mb).

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AQRT Durban family social dinnerAQRT Durban family social dinner
ASL and AYC planting vegetable seedlingsASL and AYC planting
vegetable seedlings
Some AYC membersSome AYC members
ASL members doing a radio interviewASL members doing a radio interview

Ansari Sustainable Living SA

The Ansari Qadiri Rifai Tariqa takes very seriously human beings' role as stewards of our planet. Ansari Sustainable Living SA is our affiliated organisation dedicated to serving the well-being of earth however we can.

Activites that have been organised or attended by the ASL SA are the Sustainable Living Exhibition and Botsoc Plant Fair, planting and maintenance of community garderns, participation in World Oceans Day, and numerous educational and meditative nature walks. Members of ASL have also been featured on community radio programs.

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ASL and AYC at the Sustainable Living ExhibitionASL and AYC participation at the annual Sustainable Living Exhibition