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Cape Town Ansari Sustainable Living Organisation Trust

Cape Town Ansari Sustainable Living Organisation Trust (CT ASLO T) is a public-benefit organization (PBO) as well as the service wing of the internationally based Ansari Qadiri Rifai Tariqa (AQRT) Sufi Order, with Shaykh Taner & Shaykha Muzeyyen Ansari at its helm. CT ASLO T is served by murids of Shaykh Taner Ansari on a volunteer basis.

Shaykh Taner with muridsShaykh Taner with murids
Cape Town murids gather for sohbetmurids and friends gather
for sohbet at the dergah

Spiritual Activities:

Weekly zikr circles are open to all in the community. We also hold a special month's-end sohbet and zikr.

Sohbets and Qur'an study classes are offered via the internet by Shaykh Taner & Shaykha Muzeyyen Ansari. Please contact us at for login and other information.

We offer a range of spiritual books by Shaykh Taner Ansari at the Centre.

Organic Gardening WorkshopOrganic Gardening Workshop presented for Ottery Youth Care Centre’s Youth at Risk

Workshops and Healing Sessions

The centre regularly offers a range of educational workshops with skilled professionals on subjects such as personal development, skills development, and organic gardening, all with a focus on empowering our community.

The centre also offers workshops and sessions with various healing modalities, such as Rife Healing Therapy, Massage Therapy and Trigger Point Therapy.

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Community Outreach

Since 2011 CT Ansari Sustainable Living Organisation Trust serves the community on the premise that the mandate of sustainable living must embrace the often-neglected groups in our society such as orphans, at-risk youth and the elderly. To that end, CT ASLO T has sponsored community events to bring the spirit of love and togetherness to these needy people.

Youth initiative projects include Breyani (2011), Boogie Wonderland (2012), The Maher Zain Concert (2014) and The Change will Come Tour (2015). Beneficiaries of such events include the orphanages Vision Care, St Georges Home for Girls, Al Nur Orphanage, SOS Children’s Village and Assorbereen.

AQRT youth and friendsAQRT youth and friends distributing
goody bags for children
elderly being entertained and honored by youth
children receiving goody bags

Spiritual Leader: Wakil Rezah 083 859 9915
Business Manager: Begum +27 709 507 1474

youth presenting zikr and poetry to the elderly youth presenting zikr and
poetry to the elderly

The Centre is dedicated to honoring our elderly citizens, especially those who live apart from society at large in institutions, and may therefore feel invisible to others. In 2015, AQRT collaborated with Bharooch Events Styling and Management and Ottery Youth Care, to produce a programme of celebration and remembrance honouring the contribution these institutionalised elders have made to society. This outreach initiative, called "The Journey: Small Steps in One-ness,” brought our youth and elderly together in activities such as zikr, music and poetry, with food and treats provided. It was hosted at Beitul Aman Home for the Agedin Wynberg, Cape Town, in honour of Human Rights Day.

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