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Johannesburg Centre — more info

Ansari Qadiri Rifai Tariqa Johannesburg

AQRT Johannesburg serves the greater Gauteng area with spiritual activities and service to the public

We hold monthly zikr as well as workshops on the Sufi perspective and alternative healing.

Spiritual Leader: Wakil Javed +27 (78) 7180029
Business Manager: Rubina +27 (82) 357 8666
Johannesburg Ansari Youth Group Leader and
Facebook Manager: Nargis +27 74 547 5098 Ansari Qadiri Rifai Tariqa Johannesburg Facebook link

Johannesburg murids in zikr with Shaykh TanerJohannesburg murids in zikr with Shaykh Taner
Sufi healing workshop in MidrandSufi healing workshop in Midrand

Alternative Healing

In our affiliated organisation, The HeartNet Centre, we focus on the integrated health of the body, mind and spirit. Our work at the Centre is inspired by the Sufi healing practice of Shaykh Taner Ansari and Shaykha Muzeyyen Ansari as well as other heart-oriented healing modalities. Please visit The HeartNet Centre website for more information.

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"Never Too Late to Learn" – A Sufi Radio Program

AQRT Johannesburg presents a weekly radio program called "Never Too Late to Learn," in which we discuss the translation of the Qur'an by Shaykh Taner Ansari and his in-depth analysis of certain verses from a Sufi perspective.

The second segment of the program discusses ways in which we can draw closer to Allah by getting to know ourselves.

Guest speakers are often invited on the program to discuss such subjects as healthy eating habits, sustainable living, emotional intelligence, mind-power techniques and other aspects of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health.

Tune into "Never Too Late to Learn" on the Internet at

Weekly Qur'an discussions are also held via Skype. For more information about the classes and radio program, please contact Rubina

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Qur'an session via the InternetQur'an session via the Internet Shaykh Taner giving a workshop on BalanceShaykh Taner giving a workshop on Balance